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Craig Brand BSc mbacp, Psychotherapist

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Anxiety is a core part of being human, but can also become completely debilitating. I have a lot of experience in working through, and with, anxiety. I blend a range of evidence-based approaches with an existential approach to therapy which is especially suited to anxiety. This may be generalised or social anxiety, and I have a particular focus on helping people with health or death anxiety too.

Health anxiety can become such a vicious cycle. You may feel you’ve become so aware of your body, you’re not sure what’s a symptom of an illness or a symptom of the anxiety. And that any reassurance you may get from a Doctor lasts only so long. That’s so natural, but can be so hard to break.

Death anxiety can sometimes be related to health anxiety, or a separate fear you experience on its own – your health not becoming a preoccupation for you. You may experience severely disturbed sleep and vivid dreams or nightmares, or it might be affecting your daily life too.

Your anxiety may be low-level and ongoing, or you might have moments that areĀ  much more intense, like panic attacks. In therapy we can use a range of methods to help reduce the intensity of those feelings in the moment, and make day-to-day life more manageable.

However, I also work a lot with people who have perhaps had therapy before, and learned to manage their panic, but find their anxiety coming back or persisting. Existential therapy is well suited to the deeper work of understanding and helping move past the root of that intense or persistent anxiety.

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