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Craig Brand BSc mbacp, Psychotherapist

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counselling for bereavement & loss.

The death of someone close to us can have a huge mental and emotional impact. It can be easy to underestimate that impact, and feel like after a certain amount of time you should feel OK, getting on with life again. But grief knows no so-called “healthy” time limits. And finding yourself grieving deeply and for a long time may only be natural. I have experience supporting people through that ongoing process, no matter how long it takes, nor where it takes us. Existential therapy is particularly well suited to understanding the true depth and complexity of all that bereavement brings.

Grief can run so deep and begin to feel like other mental health issues. It’s common to feel depressed, struggling to imagine a future, and wondering what the point is anymore. Or experiencing anxiety that you’ve never felt before, life suddenly seeming so fragile and hard to cope with.

Counselling can help you process all of the complex emotions you may be feeling – the happy memories and painful ones, and the anger, sorrow & regrets that death can bring. It can help you grieve for your loved one and the life you had with them, or the life that you didn’t. The things that were said, and those that were unsaid. And it can help you begin to face life without them too. 

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