psychotherapy for cancer & illness

living with diagnosis, terminal diagnosis, supporting & caring for others

Craig Brand BSc mbacp, Psychotherapist

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therapy for the effects of cancer & illness

Cancer and other illnesses can have such profound physical effects, it can be easy to overlook the emotional ones. The integrative therapy I offer, with existential therapy as its basis, is especially well suited to helping with all of the complex emotions you may be feeling. I have personal, as well as professional, experience in facing and supporting people through these tough times. Online therapy can be invaluable too – having therapy from the comfort of your own home, or when you may be shielding. And avoiding adding to the list of places and appointments you have to keep attending in-person.

You may have a terminal diagnosis, and need somewhere and someone to talk to openly about how you’re feeling, in trying to come to terms with and prepare for your death. 

Maybe you’re recovering from, or living with cancer, and are struggling with the effects of the illness or treatments on your body, and the huge shift in your perspective on life.

Or perhaps you’re supporting someone who is; the impact on you can’t be underestimated either – living through every moment with your loved one. If you’re feeling numb or irritable or anxious or simply exhausted, it may be a sign that you need support too.

Please feel free to call or e-mail me, and we can discuss how I can best support you…

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