therapy for depression

low mood, persistent, major or existential depression, dread, quarter-life, mid-life & existential crisis

Craig Brand BSc mbacp, Psychotherapist

about me...

“depression is the inability to construct a future” – Rollo May.

Depression can be called many things: clinical depression; persistent depressive disorder; major depressive disorder; existential depression etc. In therapy it can be important to look beyond the labels though, and understand just what your depression is like for you. I use an integrative form of talking-based psychotherapy, blending a range of evidence-based approaches, to help you understand and work through your pains in the way that works best for you.

You may feel numb and uninterested in the world around you, or perhaps in great pain, like you’re grieving for life itself. Either way, depression really can feel like the inability to see or construct a future. I have particular experience with, and a focus on, helping people with deep or persistent depression, working together to help you find your energy, meaning and your future again.

Existential therapy is the basis of my work. It involves a more philosophical attitude to therapy, and is especially well suited to helping feelings of deep, chronic or existential depression and dread. Where you struggle not just to envisage a future, but to see any meaning in creating one at all. You may constantly battle with questions about life itself, the whys and hows that seem so painful and unanswerable.

The heavy, aching feeling that often accompanies these thoughts can bring suicidal thoughts too. You may relate to terms like quarter-life, mid-life or existential crisis, and want to explore your despair and sense of meaning more deeply with someone who gets it.

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